Other offerings at The Scoop include candy, fresh made smoothies, and homemade baked goods made daily.  The Scoop carries a huge selection of bin candy including gummies of all kind, retro packaged candies from “back in the day”, and all of the newest novelty candies that kids love.

bin candy

Gummies and Redhots and sweet tarts, oh my!

bin-candy     bin-candy2



packaged candy

From the World’s Largest Gummy Bear to Charleston Chew and everything in between, The Scoop’s sweetness know no bounds.

packaged-candy2     packaged-candy



sweet gear

Every year, The Scoop comes out with new t-shirts that are the coolest and most coveted in Berkshire County.  Start you collection ASAP.  The Scoop also carries the Natural Life collection of gifts and hippy chic stuff.  Check it out!

gear2     gear